E044 - Rocket Man, Snore Shot, Demon Driver, and Minor Leaguers


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In Episode 44 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man fails to launch, Florida Woman just needed a good night’s sleep, Florida Woman’s demons just needed a ride, and Florida Man makes the minor leagues.

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News Sources:

Florida Man’s Attempt to Take Rocket Launcher On Flight Thwarted By TSA https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6774677/TSA-agents-non-working-grenade-launcher-luggage.html

Florida Woman Shot Boyfriend Because He Snored Too Loudly https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/florida-woman-shot-boyfriend-because-he-snored-too-loudly-police-1.4330083

Florida Woman Stole Rental Car Because Demons Told Her To https://abc7ny.com/florida-woman-claims-demons-told-her-to-steal-rental-car/5180081/

Florida Baseball Team Will Break a Law Every Inning for ‘Florida Man Night’ https://www.mlb.com/cut4/jacksonville-jumbo-shrimp-to-hold-florida-man-night

The Geography of America’s Mobile and ‘Stuck,’ Mapped https://www.citylab.com/life/2019/03/mobile-stuck-us-geography-map-where-americans-moving/584083/

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (No Spoilers): https://tinyurl.com/FLMenBrackets

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (With Results): https://tinyurl.com/FLMenBracketsResults

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