Episode 24: A Discussion with Dr. Patricia Surman


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Flute 360 | Episode 24: “A Discussion with Dr. Patricia Surman” (33:00)

In today’s episode, Heidi talks with Dr. Surman about the job application process. This interview is a continuation from Episode 23’s discussion with Patricia. Check-out this episode to hear topics concerning recordings, letters of recommendations, and much more!

Episode 24 – Main Points:

  • Patricia Surman grew up in Southern California. (1:33)
  • Be ready for anything! (3:08)
  • Further discussion on your flute recordings that you submit. (3:42)
  • Submit recordings that show your strengths. (4:33)
  • Numerous people write the job announcement. (8:34)
  • Job postings can change between the application deadlines to the interview date. (10:52)
  • Thoughts on rejection.(11:53)
  • What is a trumpeter listening for in the flutist’s performance? (14:21)
  • Who will be on the search committee? Let’s connect with those ears. (16:22)
  • Letters of Recommendation (18:35)
  • Send the job link. (25:12)
  • Send a thank you card. (29:00)
  • We are developing relationships with other people – we want to make the world better. (29:40)
  • There is a place for everyone within this music community. (30:42)

Episode 24 – Resources Mentioned:

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