Tom Scharpling


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Here's the first episode of a new season of Fluxpod! Tom Scharpling is one of the best broadcasters in the world – he's the host of The Best Show, in which he frequently collaborates with his long-running comedy partner Jon Wurster, and the co-host of Double Threat along with Julie Klausner. This is a long and fun conversation that covers a lot of ground – the challenge of recording the audio book version of his memoir It Never Ends, how he and Jon have worked to keep the Best Show fresh for over 20 years, his relationship with Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young's bodies of work, and being terrified by Michael Stipe when he was a teenager in the early '80s. If you love Tom, this will be a big treat. If you don't know Tom... you're still probably going to have a good time with this one.

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