Women's Intuition (Seated Hawk): Awakening the Master Feminine with Yao Morris


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Master Yao's Grand Trine System teaches specific techniques and offers the science behind tantric energy healing, energy foreplay and hands-free projection. Imagine sending waves of orgasmic healing power from your hands and other reflexology zones. Grand Trine is Active Tantra taught in a three-part system which unlocks your natal blueprint and brings forth hidden powers from within your DNA. One of those hidden powers is the Eagle energy/personality. In this show Master Yao Morris will be talking about the importance of Wombyn using Tantra and other tools to awaken their innate Seated Hawk (Intution) energy. grandtrineint.com grandtrineint.com/Store thegrandtrine@gmail.com Art Work: // pinterst // shutterstock // S.O.L. Sacred Orgasmic Living book available on Lulu.com foshoenergywork.com/sacred-orgasmic-living/ opening music: vanark.bandcamp.com/track/2-late-night-lights arkteknologies.wordpress.com/

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