Battling a Toxic Environment Psalms 1:1-3


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Would you say your work brings out the best in you? Do the people you interact with on a daily basis pull you toward God or away? Do you even notice what you talk about with other Christ-followers?

Our passage today is a call to challenge our environment. The people we hang around with have an impact on us. We're not immune from the thoughts we allow to penetrate our brains. The Psalmist is challenging us to program our brains. If we can saturate our minds with scripture, we might think that would make us boring. But this passage tells us the more we spend meditating on God's word, the more likely we are to be firm in our convictions. Everything about us gains more staying power. The idea of being a tree firmly planted by water means that we have everything we need.

The wicked are more blown around. Even the devil doesn't create. He simply destroys.

You can be this tree in your workplace, but it is by focusing on God's word. He will make us difference makers in our own environment. If you're in a bad situation, make a point to mediate on scripture. It will help you be rooted and grounded in your faith so you can serve others on behalf of Jesus every day.

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