Blessings from God in a Digital Age with Rick Boxx, #79


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In this week's episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike brings back Rick Boxx. Rick is the Founder & CEO of Unconventional Business Network. Unconventional Business Network is a nonprofit focused on building and training a network of Unconventional Business Leaders to learn and model biblical principles in their workplace. Please welcome him back to our community!

Episode Breakdown

1:05 - Unconventional Business Network & Rick Boxx

3:50 - UBN turning Digital

8:50 - UBN Events Update

13:35 - Choosing to Make the Network

18:50 - Mission Field at Home

19:30 - Connect with Rick at UBN

Going Digital Can be a Blessing in Disguise

We are at the tail end of the pandemic. A lot has changed and for many of us, that means things are even more digital than they were last year. This means that most of our work is either remote or becoming more digital every day. One of the main things that Rick discusses with Mike is the switch from in-person meetings to digital ones. Unconventional Business Network was built upon regional meetings where everyone would get together and share ideas and processes to help grow in their faith and business at the same time. This quickly became an online meeting space and to Rick's surprise, some people even wanted more frequent meetings now that everyone was not in a central location. Some of the obstacles we face, even through our work, can be blessings in disguise. When God shuts one door, he always opens one more, if not several others! How have you proven to be flexible in your work? Can this be applied to your faith as well? Churches, companies, people, businesses, and organizations, have all been affected the same way. How can you be a part of the solution?

Interview Quote

" It's been a fun journey to be able to work with business leaders around the globe, and see what God is doing to help people integrate their faith in their day to day work"

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