Unconditional Trust with John Ramstead, # 80


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Unconditional Trust with John Ramstead, # 80

In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks again with John Ramstead. John is the CEO of Beyond Influence, host of Eternal Leadership podcast, and author of his new book: On Purpose, With Purpose. Please welcome him back to the community!

Episode Breakdown

1:05 - Discovering Your Purpose with John

5:45 - Trust in God

11:40 - Being a Steward of God's Story in You

15:00 - John's New Book: On Purpose, With Purpose

18:10 - Find Your True North

24:15 - See God in Any Future

30:05 - Mission Field at Home

Trust Regardless of External Circumstances

Through the power of John's stories, we learn that Trust is one of the most important aspects of our faith in God. We as Christians must learn to lean on our faith in the face of uncertainty. The next obstacle you face could be at your job, at your home, or even at your grocery store but know that there is not a single external circumstance that can distance you from God. Only you can distance yourself from him. Have you experienced a time where you distanced yourself from God due to the world around you? The end goal is to make every action represent our belief that God has our best interest in mind. He does! Trust me.

Focus on the Present

It is important to partner with God in the moment and the present. God can direct us to everything we need through his plan. This is a huge struggle for me and maybe some of you reading this post. We, as humans, love to plan for the future. It means safety and even peace of mind. These things are important but what are the safety, peace of mind, and freedom worth if we don't do it for Jesus? You probably have many opportunities each day to build upon your faith but sometimes they are hard to find. Each interaction can be bountiful!

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