We Appreciate What We Treasure Matthew 6:19-21


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Appreciate Others - Our heart follows our treasure. If we place value on others, we will appreciate them, and love them. Jesus talks about laying up treasure in heaven. The only thing we can do that will last forever is the impact we have on others. If they live forever, we can hope that our service to them lives.

I focus on laying up treasure in heaven by appreciating people. Do we need to give away everything we have to gain treasure in heaven? I don't think so. But I want to be willing to give up treasure on earth for treasure in heaven. I hope to help others move one notch closer to Jesus every chance I get. That's how I see laying up treasure in heaven. If they draw nearer to God, and live forever, I hope my work matters. That's why I want to invest my time and energy in others. This is my way of spending my life toward a noble goal?

What's your treasure? Are you focused on your treasure to the exclusion of others, or does your treasure include the people God brings across your path. It's no accident you're alive now, hearing this. The people you work with and for are no accident either. When I decided to believe God is almighty, then I realized I had to believe he was in control. I want to represent him in every relationship, and since Jesus came to love people, I can work on loving them too.

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