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So it's crazy to think that I would go back to school.... Well yes because that isn't happening but I did get a chance to do a guest lecture at UW-Madison today for Life Sciences Communication 432 course thanks to professor Don Stanley!

And WOW was it fun answering questions and sharing my thoughts on personal branding, social media and telling stories...

So much fun that I decided to use their questions as the basis of this episode sharing what they asked and what I learned from them.

On this episode we talk:

  • Where to start creating content?
  • How to get your content in front of your audience
  • How to discover your online voice
  • What strategy works for sharing content across multiple channels
  • How to deal with having different passions and wanting to share them on one account
  • How to grow your following and stand out when you have only 2 followers and those are your mom and your professor
  • What content is best for when you're starting out
  • What should your first blog be
  • The value of #BeYourself

And many more...

Life does work in funny ways and I feel like today going back into the college classroom was one of those super cool never would have thought I'd do types of experiences!! Thanks to all the students in #uwLSC432 for having me & asking amazing questions!

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