Fertility Takes Two To Tango


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As young women entering adulthood, we are constantly told how to not get pregnant. Contraception is drummed into us from a young age and the fear of a pregnancy scare is all too real! But what happens when we finally hit that tipping point of wanting to have a baby? With 1 in every 7 couples having difficulty conceiving and the majority of women now having babies later in life than ever before, at what point is it necessary to start considering alternative fertility options? And to what extent can nutrition play a role in helping us to conceive? Joining me to discuss the facts about fertility is Dr Zoe Williams, an NHS General Practitioner and resident Doctor on ITV’s This Morning show who in a previous life was none other than Amazon in the TV show, Gladiators! For more information, visit Rhitrition.com and Instagram.com/Rhitrition.

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