#223: Fat-Positive Comedy, Diet-Culture Recovery, and Native American Representation with Jana Schmieding of Woman of Size Podcast


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Comedian, fat-positive activist, and fellow podcaster Jana Schmieding joins us to discuss using comedy to call out diet culture, why there needs to be more Native representation in the media, how Western values contribute to oppression and ill health, how diet culture’s demonization of emotional eating causes additional distress, and so much more. Plus, Christy answers a listener question about whether cultural changes over the centuries have influenced average body sizes.

Jana Schmieding is a Lakota Sioux comedian, writer, performer and educator currently living and working in Los Angeles. Jana puts a lot of focus into her creative work and advocacy as the host and producer of the podcast and accompanying live show, Woman of Size where brilliant people discuss weight stigma, fat acceptance and marginalized cultures. She's currently working on screenwriting and publishing essays that revolve around moving the needle on Native representation in media and entertainment. Find her online at WomanOfSize.com.

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