Food Safety Talk 188: Cook a Pizza With a Pizza


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The show opens with the guys talking about the recent IAFP meeting, as well as the usual assorted miscellanea. Ben wants to talk about when to discard cutting boards, what to do about a broken wrist watch, and a food worker with MRSA. From their the guys clear out all of the backlog of listener feedback, including storage of fancy candied cherries, a recent article flies, E. coli, feedlots and produce, the risks of sous vide, other podcasts about food safety, the risks posed by leaving foods out-of-doors, cooking "en papillote", high-tech sensors for food shelf life, the risks of fecal transplants, the risks of salt in your rice, the potential for bacteria to evolve heat resistance, FDA bashing by the far right, monitoring your refrigerator and freezer in the case of a power outage, and old-fashioned and newfangled ways of measuring vibrio risk from shellfish. Somewhere in all of that they also talk about the title topic. If you're in the greater Seattle area on Tuesday, August 6 2019, and you want to attend a free live recording, please join the guys at 7pm on Tuesday, in Blencoe Auditorium on the Renton Technical College campus, Renton, WA 98056.

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