Food School: Smarter Stronger Leaner.


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A podcast for people who don't care about diet tribes and want to learn how to eat simply, using nutrition as a tool to let your best self shine!

To support health, to look and feel incredible, to deliver awesome work that changes lives, to be super productive EVERY SINGLE DAY, focused and energized instead of struggling with brain fog trying to avoid distractions, to deliver creative work that stands out!

On my podcast I combine cutting-edge Neuroscience, Nutrition and Behavioral Science-based strategies to help you be and do ALL you can be and do!

Science and Fact-Based, Tools and Methods. Nutrition applied to fit your lifestyle!

Produced by Angela Shurina,

Nutrition, Health 360, Productivity Coach with 11+ years of international experience. On a mission to create a world where food makes us better!

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