Sustainability & social responsibility in the world of seafood


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Seafood is delicious. But much of what makes it to the Midwest isn't as fresh as we think it is.
Combine that with the fact that the industrial fishing industry has a history of leaving destruction in its wake. Environmental considerations sit side-by-side with the need for fair, safe working conditions for fishermen and traceability for the seafood itself. All of these things create a conundrum for food lovers who’d like to eat delicious food while also supporting a fair, just food system.
This week on FoodCrush, we’re chatting with Nic Mink, Wisconsin native and co-founder of Sitka Salmon Shares, a company which delivers Alaskan seafood straight to Midwestern doorsteps through its community supported fishery program (CSF). It’s an operation which has not only made fresh, ocean-caught seafood available to non-coastal residents, but which has dedicated itself not only to supporting the livelihoods of small boat fishermen, but also to responsible harvesting and traceability.
During the episode, Mink shares the origin story of Sitka Salmon Shares, some of the secrets behind its ultra-fresh sustainable seafood and how their model of operations helps small fishermen make a good living. Along the way, we discuss the journey seafood takes to the Midwest, the reasons why most seafood flown cross-country is less-than fresh and why equality and social justice matter – not only in the fishing industry – but in our world at large.

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