The Choice


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Make Room: Louie Giglio has a book title that I simply love. I haven’t read the book (I’m sure it’s great!) but the title is compelling: I Know I Am Not but I Know I Am. Jesus described Himself as the “Great I Am,” not the “I once was” or the “I might be again one day.” He is “I Am.” He is the God of the present who sets us free from what’s in our past and prepares us best for what is still to come. The question is, what have we done with His invitation to share life together? Have we made room for Him? Are we allowing Him to guide our paths and direct our steps? The Innkeeper in Luke’s gospel appeared to be somewhat less than interested in making room for the One to be born and it seems that not much has changed over the years. This weekend, I hope you will be able to join us as we reflect upon our response to the greatest invitation ever extended. Joining us in worship will be a wonderful way to invite the fullness of Jesus to transform our Christmases! Bless you all! ? Ian Trigg

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