3 - The Creation of Frankenstein & The Vampyre_


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Want more FOH? Visit footnotesofhistory.com/join Shownotes at footnotesofhistory.com/3 It was a dark and stormy night… ​​​​​​​Ok so you all saw that one coming as soon as you read the title, but how did five people swapping ghost stories in 1816 lead to the creation of two of the most enduring figures of literature: Frankenstein and the vampire? Join us as we look at what drew a clique of talented, in some cases tortured, geniuses (including Mary Shelley and Lord Byron) to the shores of Lake Geneva and examine the stories that came out of that meeting. Oh yeah, did we mention that 1816 is known as the Year without Summer? As we’re British we’ll also be talking about the weather a bit!

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