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We back with another one, and this week we welcome the hosts of Drunk Black History, Brandon Collins and Gordon Baker Bone! Nothing but comedy and knowledge ensues when this Fantastic Four gets together, as we discuss the week in geek culture! This week Benhameen is pushed to the limit by the #NotMyAriel nonsense, and goes off on why reboots, remakes, recasting, whatever is not something you need to stress about. At all. Like ever. We also give a spoiler filled review of Spider-Man: Far From Home and we go into those End Credit Scenes and what they mean for the future of the MCU! Plus a very special Geekquently Asked Questions, as we speak about how we deal with burnout, and what keeps us going when we have reached our limit of stress. TIME STAMP 0:00 to 7:00 - INTRO 7:01 to 17:00 - Not My Ariel - Little Mermaid Casting News 17:01 to 22:25 - Best Shows of All Time Discussion, Stranger Things Talk (No Spoilers) 24:22 to 40:12 - Spider-Man: Far From Home (SPOILER FILLED Review) 40:13 to 1:15:23 - GEEKQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Listener Questions 1:15:24 - END - Drunk Black History (Interview & Talk)

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