Episode 416 - Robo-Frenzy, Multi Horse Race, Sing Along, 1941 Bally Fairmont


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As usual, lots going on - I've begun work in depth in wiring Robo-Frenzy. All coils have power, but switches and steppers between still need to be wired. I also need to install a light board and wire lamps. Much of the game is driven by illuminated elements, so testing will not be much fun until I can see what I'm doing! I've also taken the first step to making a Multi Horse Race game. These predecessors to the bingo pinballs are fascinating in their own right. I also picked up a game that's been on my want list for many years: Gottlieb's Sing Along. Beautiful game with compelling gameplay. Lastly, thanks to a user on the woodrail Facebook group, some of the interesting gameplay elements of 1941's Bally Fairmont are explained as the Year of Flipperless continues.

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