264: Why Luxury Goods Are Important with Daniel Curtis


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In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Joining the family business but reinventing from the ground up
  • Growing up in an entrepreneurial family
  • The correlation between wealthy people who are happy and those who aren’t
  • Compartmentalizing different areas of your life
  • Raising kids on how to view success
  • Why luxury goods are valuable and important


Show Notes:

Today I’m sitting down with a friend of mine, Daniel Curtis. He is the founder of Robb Vices, a highly curated luxury boxed goods membership.

We talk about what it was like growing up in such a highly successful entrepreneurial family, how his parents made him such a kind, hungry and driven individual despite growing up with so much privilege, and why and how he started Robb Vices. And we talk about how he balances being a great husband and father with his incredibly successful business. And he points out the one strong correlation between wealthy individuals who are happy and those who aren’t.

Question Highlights:

  • Did you always have expectations of working in the family business?
  • What pressures and gifts come from growing up in an entrepreneurial family?
  • When you grow up surrounded by luxury, do you feel like it spoils you?
  • What is the correlation between the wealthy people who are happy and those who aren’t?
  • What are some examples you’ve seen of people with great wealth being very generous?
  • How do you balance being a good husband, father, and entrepreneur?
  • How do you want your kids to grow up viewing success?
  • Where did the idea for Robb Vices come from?
  • Why is luxury so important and why should we care about it?

Guest Bio:

Daniel Curtis is the Founder & CEO of Robb Vices. Through this membership platform he serves as a curator for the curators. Robb Vices membership delivers a surprise delivery of unique products as well as a magazine that tells their story on a monthly basis. He created Robb Vices as an independent company out of Robb Report magazine where he previously served as Vice President and was formerly a Curtis family operated business. Most recently Daniel has launched an exclusive luxury eCommerce platform: VicesReserve.com as well as a cigar discovery membership called Cigar by Vices.

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