262: The Biggest Trend Coming for 2020! with Lori Harder


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In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • The trend that is going to dominate 2020
  • Why live events are coming back in a big way
  • If you can’t find an event you want, start it
  • What it’s like to host your first event
  • Why it’s important to help people with their next steps
  • Getting comfortable with leading groups


Show Notes:

Today I’m sitting down with my beautiful wife, Lori Harder, to talk about what we see as one of the biggest trends of 2020. You still have time to prepare, so make sure you use the next few months to get yourself on track for success.

Throwing and attending events is going to be massively important in 2020, and we are going to empower you, inspire you, and share with you the secrets of what is going to become the biggest trend next year.

Question Highlights:

  • What is the trend that is going to dominate 2020?
  • What do you do if there isn’t enough going on in your area?
  • What was it like to start your very first event? How did it feel?
  • What are the biggest fears that hold people back?
  • What separates the people who have successful events and the ones who are failing?

Guest Bio:

Lori Harder is a transformational speaker and thought leader that helps facilitate change using mindfulness, wellness, health and self love. She helps people lock in their transformations by teaching how to create lasting relationships that support their long-term goals.

As a successful entrepreneur running two seven-figure businesses, network marketing professional, author, Tedx Speaker, 10-time cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, she offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being and emotional thriving.

She is the creator of the Top 100 Earn Your Happy podcast with over 13 million downloads, the founder of The Bliss Project event with thousands of women who’ve attended and the best-selling author of A Tribe Called Bliss.

Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, TLC networks, Forbes and Fast Company.

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