Is the climate crisis RACIST? We need to talk about eco-anxiety


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About the Episode

In the fourth episode of season two, We Need to Talk about Eco-Anxiety, Clover sheds light on the intersection of climate justice and social justice being two sides of the same coin.

First up, Clover meets Isaias Hernandez, creator of QueerBrownVegan, to deconstruct the climate crisis, racism, and inequality, and learn how these topics intersect. We then hear from young people around the world, sharing how social inequalities affect their eco-anxiety; our resident psychotherapist, Caroline Hickman, on how to channel these emotions into constructive action; and finally, Rob Cameron, global head of affairs with Nestle, on why those that contribute the least to the climate crisis end up experiencing the worst of it.

Top Quotes

"Although urban planners or scientists may have expertise in what to build and how to do it, what they miss is the component of cultural experiences - how those communities are designed and how they operate - so having people from those communities representing them is the best situation. We can not solve this climate crisis purely through 'experts'; we need a multitude of experts from different communities." - Isaias Hernandez

"It's been known for some time that the people who will experience the worst effects of climate change are those who have had the least responsibility for it." - Rob Cameron

About the Guests

Isaias Hernandez is an Environmental Educator and creator of QueerBrownVegan where he creates introductory forms of environmentalism through colourful graphics, illustrations, and videos. He seeks to provide a safe space for like-minded environmentalists to advance the discourse around the climate crisis.

Caroline Hickman is a psychotherapist and Climate Psychology Therapist in Education at the University of Bath. Her research specialises in children and young people's relationships with nature, and their feelings about the climate and ecological crisis.

Rob Cameron is Global Head of Public Affairs at Nestlé SA. His career has been spent driving progress in sustainable development through the private sector. Before joining Nestlé, he was Chief Executive of sustainability strategy consultancy and think tank SustainAbility, and Chief Executive of Fairtrade International.

About the Sponsor

Nestlé is a global food and beverage company present in 187 countries. Nestlé offers a wide portfolio of products and services for people and their pets throughout their lives. The company is committed to reaching net zero emissions no later than 2050 throughout its entire value chain, aligned with the 1.5 degree Paris pathway. It is working across the food system to invest in regenerative agriculture, unlock the power of food and enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.


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