Can You Tell the Difference?


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Jesus had a reputation for many things, one of which was teaching with parables. A parable is like a good joke – you shouldn’t have to explain it for someone to get it. But Jesus’ parables didn’t make everyone laugh. For some, they amounted to a pointed warning and even a rebuke. Among the 65 parables found in the gospels are some specifically given to help reveal the nature of the kingdom of heaven. Jesus began them by saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like…” These parables teach us essential truths about the kingdom. In this series we’ll look at several of these parables to see what we can learn. But wait – when Jesus finished these parables he asked his disciples if they understood what he was saying. Understanding doesn’t mean getting the point – it means being exercised by it. May these pointed stories of the kingdom change our hearts and our lives as we hear them!

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