Episode 28 – Back to the Old School with Rhythm and Pixels


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There’s no school like the old school, and for this episode, I’m joined in the classroom of game music by Rob and Pernell from the excellent Rhythm and Pixels VGM podcast! Join us as we jam on some great picks from games as diverse as Pac-Mania, Hammerfist, and Lemmings!



Twin Turbo V8 (1989, Sinclair ZX Spectrum) ‘Title’ by Lyndon Sharp

Pac-Mania (1988, Commodore Amiga) ‘Level 2 BGM’ by Ben Daglish

Zynaps (1987, Atari ST) ‘Title’ by Dave Rogers

The Vice Squad (2013, Commodore 64) ‘Title Tune’ by Linus (Sascha Zeidler)

The Great Giana Sisters (1987, Commodore 64) ‘Loader’ by Chris Hülsbeck

Hammerfist (1990, Commodore 64) ‘Track 3’ by Wally Beben

Gunhead (1994, Atari 8-bit family) ‘Title’ by Radek “Raster” Sterba

Lemmings (1994, Commodore 64) ‘Smile if You Love Lemmings’ by Jeroen Tel

The Duel: Test Drive II (1989, Commodore Amiga) ‘Intro’ by Kris Hatfield

Switchblade II (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘Title’ by Barry Leitch

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