Episode 29 – FSV’s First Birthday


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Forever Sound Version is one year old! To reflect on a solid twelve months of VGM discovery, here’s a retrospective episode featuring some of my favourite tracks from the first 28 episodes, as well as some special guest picks from listeners Zinn and Mister Krüsli Pants. Thank you for supporting the show, and rest assured that there are many, many more episodes to come!



Top Gear Rally (1997, Nintendo 64) ‘Mountain’ composed by Barry Leitch

Hagane: The Final Conflict (1994, SNES) ‘Stage 1-4’ composed by Takahito Abe

Ranger X (1993, Sega Mega Drive) ‘Stage 2-1 (Cave)’ composed by Yoshinobu Hiraiwa

Tempest 2000 (1994, Atari Jaguar) ‘Tracking Depth’ composed by Ian Howe, Alastair Lindsey, Kevin Saville, and Julian Hodgson

Mega-Apocalypse (1987, Commodore 64) ‘Main Theme’ by Rob Hubbard

Colony Wars 2492 (1996, PC) ‘TRACK08’ by Christian Kirsch

Colony Wars 2492 (1996, PC) ‘TRACK18’ by Christian Kirsch

Colony Wars 2492 (1996, PC) ‘TRACK05’ by Christian Kirsch

Colony Wars 2492 (1996, PC) ‘TRACK03’ by Christian Kirsch

Master of Darkness (1993, Sega Master System) ‘Thames River’ composed by Takashi Horiguchi and Yoko Wada

NBA Live 95 (1994, SNES) ‘Menu’ by Traz Damji and Brian Shaw

Star Cruiser (1989, Sharp X68000) ‘Star Cruiser (Drastic days will come ~ オープニング)’ composed by Toshiya Yamanaka

Colony Wars 2492 Complete OST on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Fw5mhApO6_I
Colony Wars 2492 Gameplay video by MrCruesliPants on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QReLFfdcSZQ

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