Episode 46 – Real-Time Strategies


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At last! A guest appears on Forever Sound Version once again! Ross visits my house to jam on some diverse and often quite breathtaking compositions from Real-Time Strategy titles. So, plug in your mouse, and please go and see a doctor about those corrugated ankles…



Mega-Lo-Mania (1992, Sega Mega Drive) ‘Main BGM’ by Richard Joseph, Michael Burdett and Matt Furniss

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010, PC) ‘Heaven’s Devils’ by Cris Velasco, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree, Russell Brower and Sascha Dikiciyan.

Age of Empires (1997, PC) ‘Gamelan’ by David Rippy and Stephen Rippy

FireFly Studios’ Stronghold (2001, PC) ‘Stix & Stones Medley’ by Robert L. Euvino

Syndicate (1995, Sega Mega CD) ‘Track 3’ by Russell Shaw

Theme Hospital (1997, PC) ‘Atlantis’ by Russell Shaw

Command & Conquer (1995, PC) ‘Industrial One’ by Frank Klepacki

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