Episode 51 – Amiga Showcase


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Amigaaaaaaaaah! Born in America, but raised in Europe, the Commodore Amiga is a very important platform in the world of game music, with its vast software library yielding a massive number of great sample-based tunes. This episode, while not pretending to be an exhaustive focus on the machine, features nine of my own personal favourite tracks from Amiga games that I hope you will like too!



Chuck Rock (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘Main Theme’ by Matthew Simmons

Leander (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘World 2’ by Tim Wright

Shadow of the Beast II (1990, Commodore Amiga) ‘The Goblin Hideout’ by Tim Wright

Speedball (1988, Commodore Amiga) ‘Main Theme’ by David Whittaker

Switchblade (1989, Commodore Amiga) ‘In-game BGM’ by Ben Daglish

Alien Breed (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘Menu’ by Allister Brimble

The Chaos Engine (1993, Commodore Amiga) ‘Intro’ by Richard Joseph

Blood Money (1989, Commodore Amiga) ‘In-game Music’ by Ray Norrish

Turrican II: The Final Fight (1991, Commodore Amiga) ‘Turrican II (Intro)’ by Chris Hülsbeck

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