Episode 53 – Exploring the Amiga CD32


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Amigaaaaaaa…. CD32?! Yes, as the CD media format began to assert itself on the console market in the early nineties, Commodore was prepared to flex its muscles with a new toy: the powerful Amiga CD32. While this platform’s life was short, it spawned many very interesting redbook audio game soundtracks, so lock in and prepare to party like it’s 1993!



Pinball Fantasies (1993, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Menu’ by Olof Gustafsson

Super Stardust (1995, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Ingame 01’ by Nicklas Renqvist and Niko Nyman

Super Stardust (1995, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Ingame 06’ by Nicklas Renqvist and Niko Nyman

Microcosm (1994, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Guardian Theme 3’ by Kevin Collier

Sleepwalker (1993, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Track 2’, composer unknown

Sleepwalker (1993, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Track 4’, composer unknown

The Classic Lotus Trilogy (1994, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘BGM07’ by Neil Biggin

Jetstrike (1994, Commodore Amiga CD32) ‘Negative G’ by Adam Fothergill

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