Episode 54 – VGM Battle! 4


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The Forever Sound Version VGM Battle Supreme Champion trophy is up for grabs once again, as John, Ross, and Joseph bring beer, vodka, and some great VGM picks to my living room for a big Saturday afternoon showdown! This time, the rounds are themed: round one is dedicated to chip/tracked music, round two is for redbook/streaming music, and round three is totally free. Let’s do this!



Sanxion (1986, Commodore 64) ‘Title’ by Rob Hubbard

Revelations: The Demon Slayer (1992, Nintendo Game Boy) ‘BGM #10’ by Iwao Mitsunaga and Hiroyuki Yanada

Money Puzzle Exchanger (1997, SNK Neo Geo) ‘Theme of Exchanger’ by Kennosuke Suemura and Norihiko Togashi

Pokémon Blue/Red (1996, Nintendo Game Boy) ‘Bicycle Theme’ by Junichi Masuda

Actraiser (1991, SNES) ‘Filmoa’ by Yuzo Koshiro

G-Police (1997, Sony Playstation) ‘BGM 15’ by Stuart Duffield

Tengai Makyou 2: Manjimaru (1992, NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM) ‘L Map’ by Joe Hisaishi

Awesomenauts (2012, Sony Playstation 3) ‘Wormhole Surfing’ by SonicPicnic

Furi (2016, PC) ‘6:24’ by Danger

Rhyme Star (1994, NEC PC-98) ‘World 2 -Cave-’ by Takeshi Abo

Nier Automata (2017, Sony Playstation 4) ‘Amusement Park’ by Keiichi Okabe and MONACA

Motorstorm Apocalypse (2011, Sony Playstation 3) ‘Slipstream’ by NOISIA

FTL: Faster Than Light (2012, PC) ‘Space Cruise’ by Ben Prunty

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