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FFM165 | flower food
WNUR - Chicago, USA
flower food is Chicago-based sound artist and DJ Emma Danch.
Emma grew up surrounded by classical music and continued playing in orchestras through college. The intensely emotive symphonic works of Dvorak, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and others instilled her with the duel love for lush harmonies and hard, driving rhythms reflected in her taste in dance music. Towards the end of her schooling, Emma began field recording and and producing experimental electronic music, eventually
performing ambient music under the name Talking Spaces in at
The International Symposium on Electronic Arts in Hong Kong
and Dev9t Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Emma fell in love
with techno while living in Eastern Europe, exploring
incredible underground electronic music scenes in Serbia,
Hungary, and Romania. In 2018, she started her radio show
"Mixed Prints" at Chicago's WNUR Streetbeat, where she mixes an eclectic assortment of electronic genres, emphasizing ambient and techno.
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