Saving Democracy And 2000s Reggaeton


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Found In Translation Episode 388: FIT/Bomba Live! simulcast is back to save our kids with teacher/labor leader Wendy Doromal and our democracy with Portland-Boricua activist Pedro Anglada Cordero. How can Latino parents feel safe having their kids return to school and what do we need to provide students and teachers to be ready? Wendy and Pedro report to us what's happening on the front lines in Orlando and Portland. Hosts Ray Collazo and Shirley Santos also analyze Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' iconic statement on the House Floor to respond to verbal abuse of Congressman Ted Yoho and its impact on the fight for gender equality. Special guest social media comedian Drew Anthony also joined us to discuss his iconic "WHEN RADIO PLAYS REGGAETON FROM 2000s" video! Listen to Drew Anthony get serenaded by FIT's muse Koser.

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