1 - Are We Giving Ourselves Enough Chances to Fail?: with Scott Robohn

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We’ve all had those moments. When we know what to do. Sometimes these are big moments and sometimes they’re small. But we have those moments where we know what the next step is. Yet we do nothing. We’re held back by the fear of it not going as planned. So instead of giving it a shot, we do nothing at all and as a result we make no difference and leave no impact.

In this episode, we hit a few highlights:
  • Safe environments to fail in.
  • What failure offers that success does not.
  • Is there too much hand-holding in our society?
Our guest

Our guest, Scott Robohn, Chief Architect and Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Juniper Networks. I said it before and I’ll say it again. That’s a LONG title. You can do some googling about Juniper if you’re curious.

Definitely check out the episode on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. But as always, here’s the gist.

Safe Environments to Fail in

How you fail and when you fail matters. The younger you are, the more time you have to recover and the more time you have to reap the benefits of what you learn from failing. And when you’re young, you typically have opportunities to fail in a way that has limited consequences.

“Failing” by not making the basketball team after months of practice hurts, but you’ll live. “Failing” by having your business go under, that hurts a little bit more.

The key is to go after the little opportunities to fail. By doing so, you slowly improve your risk tolerance and become aware of what your risk tolerance is.

It probably sounds weird to look for opportunities where failing is a real possibility but as much as it sucks, that’s where a lot of the real growth happens.

What failure offers that success doesn’t

Failure isn’t something I enjoy. I’ll be honest. Every time I fall short at something I was trying, I hate the feeling. But even though I don’t like to fail, I appreciate it when I do and learn from it.

Even with the little things, even if someone else tells me I should do something one way, I don’t truly learn until I do it the wrong way and experience what the wrong way feels like.

Success feels better. But failure is where I learn. Success affirms. Failure humbles and causes me to reflect.

Is there too much hand holding in our society?

Yes. Stop it.


Scott leaves us with one major take away. Take initiative. Even if you know someone else has the answer. Take the initiative to try something for yourself even if you’re not sure you’ll get it right. Be the one to experiment. Be the one to try the new thing. Be the one to come up with the solutions.

Even if you're not an entrepreneur, these qualities will help you excel in all areas of life. Knowing how to take risks and learning from your mistakes will separate you from the masses.

Anyone can sit back and do as they’re told. But to take the risk and expand your curiosity into action, that’s what separates the exceptional from the rest.

Take initiative and don’t be afraid to fail.



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