20 - Start Working Towards Your Dreams: with Stefan Peierls

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In this episode, our topic is Working Towards Your Dreams. Our guest draws on his own life experiences to provide us some valuable advice for working towards your dreams and never losing sight of your mission.

Our Guest

Our guest today is Stefan Peierls, co-founder and Executive Director of Passion Impact, an organization whose mission is to “empower students to chase their passions through community service”.

Listen to the interview on iTunes or wherever podcasts are available. Continue reading for 5 pieces of advice from Stefan for working towards your own dreams.

1. Find Your Passion and Learn to Shape It Into Your Career

Don’t waste your time and resources on a career that is meaningless to you or unfulfilling. If your passion doesn’t directly translate to a career, get creative and carve your own path. You may have to do some searching within yourself to find what you are most passionate about. This process may take time. Be tenacious. Don’t feel guilty if your passions aren’t immediately clear, take the time to get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Be Adaptable, Be Humble, Be Patient

Working towards your dreams means preparing yourself for the inevitable bumps in the road. Early on, come to terms with the fact that you will run into any number of unforeseeable problems. In some cases, the problems may cause you to completely change strategy. Don’t panic and do not give up, life happens and it is out of your control. Use each failure as an opportunity to really think about what you want to accomplish. Visualize your end goals and find new ways to reach them. Learn patience by accepting that you will not always know what to do but you will find the answer if you keep searching.

3. Start Small, Celebrate Each Success

The obvious first step towards achieving your dreams is to dream big. Big dreams, however, comprise lots and lots of little steps. Some of these steps may be tedious and frustrating, some may throw you off course. In order to stay focused through the tedium, celebrate the completion of each step as a success. This will keep you both focused and motivated to keep pushing forward when things are tough.

4. Never Stray Too Far From Your Dream

The process of working towards your dreams is long and arduous. Like Stefan, you will probably go through times where you want to give up. During these difficult moments, remind yourself why you decided to work towards your dreams. For Stefan, this meant a long bike ride through Portland after a tough and discouraging week. The ride reminded him how much he loved travel and adventure and gave him the momentum to keep pushing forward.

5. Don’t Take On Everything Alone

Once you have established your plan, goals and mission, you will be left feeling ready to take on everything, but don’t try to do it alone. It takes a village to achieve a dream and you must be prepared to lead the village but also to delegate tasks. Be patient and put your faith and trust in others to help you succeed. Having a strong team behind you will also motivate you to keep pushing forward when things seem bleak.


Choosing to work towards your dreams is a long, challenging road but the reward is gaining the privilege to pursue your passions and shape your own career. In order to succeed, learn the virtues of patience, humbleness and adaptability. Be strong and tenacious. Put your faith in others and most importantly, don’t lose sight of the reason you started this journey in the first place.



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