378: Hosting Steve Jobs and Birthing Giants with Scaling Up’s Verne Harnish


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After growing up around a failed family business, Verne Harnish was determined to use his experience to help young entrepreneurs succeed. 40 years later, he’s helped startups across the world scale to become multi-million dollar businesses and worked with some of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time.

Verne, known as the "Growth Guy,” founded the world-renowned Entrepreneurs' Organization, co-founded the Growth Institute, and has written 2 books including Scaling Up, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

Listen to Foundr CEO Nathan Chan discuss with Verne about:

  • Hosting Steve Jobs’ first public speech after being fired from Apple
  • Why sales is still the best proven way to get to $1 million in revenue
  • The traits of success he’s learned from entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Brad Feld, and Nate Blecharczyk
  • Remembering “the look” of Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs
  • Why cofounders scale further faster than single founders
  • Why every entrepreneur needs to be a little crazy
  • And much more...

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