FFS 359: Discipleship Idea: Disciple Making Map


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Today on the podcast, Sean speaks with Heather Soukup about a Disciple Making Map for birth to 18 years.

When Heather’s group was first putting this together they met to identify spiritual moments that they want their families to pay attention to as the students grow up. Using a map like this can help a ministry to organize how they will minister to their different age groups. After putting together various pieces of information from various locations they were able to put together discipling through the stages classes.

This information would be able to help a leader put together strategies to answer some of the basic questions that specific age ranges would be asking and how to bring God into that conversation. These were set up in milestones. Heather explains some of the milestones on their list, child dedication, gospel conversations, baptism and communion, bible skills and purity and identity. This helped to set up parent classes and design what curriculum works best based on the various milestones.

If you would like more information from Heather her is her contact information. She can be reached through Facebook by clicking here or via her email: hsoukup@efccl.org.

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