PODCAzT 174 and PRAYERCAzT: The Latin of the Traditional Rite of Baptism of a Child


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In this PODCAzT, which also serves as a PRAYERCAzT (my somewhat languishing project to provide Latin language help for men learning the TLM) we will hear the minimum amount of Latin required in the rite of Baptism of One Child according to the Rituale Romanum in force in 1962.

I’m also referring to books that compile the rites and blessings most commonly used, such as the Collectio Rituum or the Parish Ritual. However, lots of books are floating around that were made after 1962 and they have indications for the use of more English than was permitted in 1962. For example, the books by Weller indicate more English than in 1962.

The last Collectio in use by 1962 was the 1961 edition, which reflects what was in force in 1962.

Some parts simply must be in Latin.

For example, the exorcisms and blessings of salt, the exorcism of the one to be baptized, the form of the sacrament, the anointings must be in Latin. That’s what was in force in 1962 and that’s what Summorum Pontificum designates as our reference point. Hence, in 1962 that’s what we could do, so that’s what we do today. Of course, Father can always do the whole thing in Latin.

Editions of the Collectio Rituum and Parish Ritual have this laid out clearly. You can see right easily which parts can be English and which must be Latin.

Here is a recording of the parts that must, at the minimum, be done in Latin. This is for the baptism of one child.

Also, as I concluded the Latin for baptism, I figured I’d also do the Latin for the “Churching of a Woman”, the blessing after childbirth. Keep in mind that in 1962 and before this was to be done IN LATIN. The books after 1962 have more permission for English, but those books are not authorized.

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