0x62: Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today? (Part III)


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Bradley and Karen have the last pre-talk installment of discussing the preparation for their joint keynote at FOSDEM 2019, entitled: Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today?: Confessions of Activists Who Try But Fail to Avoid Proprietary Software. This episode is the third of three episodes where Bradley and Karen record their preparation conversations for this keynote address. In this particular episode, they discuss the issue of letting others use proprietary software on your behalf, the problem of relying too much on that, and then finish up discussing with how they'll include this material into the final talk.

Show Notes:

Segment 0 (00:34)

  • Karen discussed the idea of a shabbos goy, and the analogy between that and allowing other people use proprietary on your behalf. (02:58)
  • Bradley and Karen discussed that it is equally abhorrent to ask someone else to use proprietary software for you as it is to use yourself, since someone's software freedom is compromised in any event (06:58)
  • Bradley mentioned that he had previously applied to serve on the USA's Internal Revenue Service (IRS)'s Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). Bradley mentioned how sadly the IRS typically accepts people from proprietary software companies like Intuit but has to his knowledge never accepted anyone involved in FOSS software for IRS form preparation (10:02)
  • Bradley mentioned the Free Software PDF fill-in tools evince and flpsed (12:24)
  • Karen stated that Conservancy's policy is that: We care so much about software freedom that we would rather use proprietary software than have someone else lose their software freedom. (15:20)
  • Karen mentioned that her Linux Conf Australia 2019, Right to Not Broadcast, which you can view online. (22:18)

Segment 1 (23:15)

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