14. Aaron Maté critique on Democratic Party, Guinean in diaspora protest human rights violations


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Yes, this is the 14th edition of the Free City Radio podcast ! Recorded and produced on Nov. 2nd 2020, the day before the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, featuring an interview with journalist Aaron Maté who offers an insightful critique on the Democratic Party's inability to address fundamental issues of economic and social injustice that led to many voters staying home in 2016, or voting for Trump. Aaron speak critically on the the Democratic Party claims that Senator Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election largely due to the role of Russian state cyber hacking or social media interventions. This is important in the current context in the sense that shortcomings of the 2020 vote, in regards to the failings of centrist Democratic Party policies can't again be blamed on Russian interference. Also we hear an excerpt of a music mix by Empress Cissy Low who worked on a mix for @neverapartmtl to express support for Dollarama warehouse workers in Montreal, who have been campaigning for justice over the last months within the context of the pandemic. Read the open letter by Montreal artists here : http://iwc-cti.ca/fre/les-artistes-montrealais-soutiennent-la-campagne-pour-la-justice-des-travailleur-euse-s-du-dollarama/ listen to the full mix here : https://soundcloud.com/neverapartmtl/nva-podcast-empress-cissy-low Also we visit a solidarity rally in Montreal organized by the Guinean diaspora who protested this past weekend in Montreal the move by current President Alpha Condé to extend power into a third term, after changing the Guinean constitution. In Guinea there has been mass protests against the changing of the constitution and also protests to dispute the election over the recent weeks, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented systemic human rights abuses. We hear from voices of the Guinean diaspora in Montreal speaking out. Finally we hear a piece of music by Jordan Christoff @jordanchristoff to end the broadcast.

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