A Toast to the First Win of the Season!


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Finally! The rock has come back to Spokane!

Because, see, the basketball is sometimes called “the rock,” and basketball is back and The Rock was a wrestler who used to say…you know what, never mind. Basketball is back! Gonzaga basketball is back! Real, live, actual basketball! And you know what that means: A full and proper Free Ira Brown is back!

That’s right, dear FIBbers, in our most recent episode, our heroes react to the Tillie injury in a timely manner, revisit our own expectations for the season and break down the win over the Bengals…Bangles…Ben-gals of Idaho State.

Those stories, plus we have a Texas Southern preview, listen in on Mark Few turning down the role of fly fishing instructor and warmly embrace the return of some time with Heister.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come into the kitchen and smell what we’re cooking, won’t you?

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