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Basketball. Games. Actual, counts-for-real, honest-to-goodness basketball. Gonzaga is back!

And to help celebrate the season-opening romp past Alabama State, we here at Free Ira Brown brought in someone who kinda actually knows what he’s talking about: friend of the pod Steven Karr (he’s on twitter at @skarrGo, which we’re told is pronounced like the snails, not a nickname for Scarlett Johansson).

Steven helps our heroes preview the Gonzaga women’s season, discuss whether it’s too early to give Corey Kispert the Naismith Award now and figure out Alabama State is about on par with Michigan State.

Those stories, plus we brave through Filip’s injury scare (no getting hurt!), we preview the upcoming games against Arkansas Pine Bluff and North Dakota (the Geno Crandall internal Civil War special!) and run through some pet peeves from the sporting world and elsewhere.

All that and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come revel in the return of actual basketball, won’t you?


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