Dude! . . . Sweet!


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You ever get a cavity and you’re not sure how you got it? You floss regularly, you’re a good brusher, you don’t flood yourself with sugar.

But sure enough, there it is, the hole in your enamel which will cause you to sit in a dental chair for 90 minutes and accidentally bite your tongue as it comes out of anesthesia.

Well the same thing happened to your faithful hosts of Free Ira Brown. And after going to our respective dentists, we were asked one question: “What did you expect? You’ve had five straight years of sweetness every March.”

Of course! Now it all makes sense. Five consecutive years of the Sweet 16! Why didn’t we think of that?

We must have been thinking too much about Brandon Clarke (do doo do do do do) becoming the best player Salt Lake City has ever seen, Tillie dunking on Fairleigh Dickinson and Corey Kispert having his best game as a Bulldog. An in our latest episode, our heroes take a look back at it all.

We also look ahead to the rematch against Florida State in the Sweet 16. Will this time around be different? Does Gonzaga have enough depth to deal with all the Seminoles will throw at it? We’ll discuss.

Those stories, plus the Gonzaga women put forth one of the gutsiest, all-out performances you’ll see despite falling to Oregon State in the round of 32. We’ll also touch briefly upon some potential grad transfer news and check in on the Free Ira Brown bracket pool.

And finally, we take a look back at a few of our favorite moments of a chalky but nonetheless enjoyable first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come partake in some sweets with us, won’t you?

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