FIB's Definition of Summer Madness


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In this, the longest of Summers, we here at Free Ira Brown masterly debated long and hard about when we should release our annual bundle of summertime love. Then Petrusev dropped his bomb and we realized Ayayi (who since announced his return) and Kispert's decisions were just around the corner. There is no time then, like the present (or the present as it was nearly a week ago when we recorded this, big whoop wanna fight about it?) for Adam, Chris and Marty to come together and regale you with our COVID summer tales. Who gained weight? Who lost it? Who looks like an extra on the "Boogie Nights" set? (it's Chris). The answers to all these questions and more await you on this episode of Free Ira Brown: THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast!

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