Free Ira Brown Returns!


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*Scrolls through old posts* ”Good God, That’s Free Ira Brown’s music!” No, no, we did that one already.

*Scrolls further* “From the depths of the darkness of despair rises a podcast…” Nope, did that one already, too.

*Looks closer* “We’re baaaaaccck!” Did that one, as well (note to self: Still use the Randy Quaid GIF from Independence Day on Twitter).

Maybe just go back to basics: Hey, everybody! Free Ira Brown is back!

That’s right, as the calendar switches into God’s season (college basketball season, of course), our heroes are back for another season of podcasting (our fifth!). With Kraziness in the Kennel in the books, it’s time for the first of our two-part season preview. In this episode, we'll discuss Larsen leaving, Geno joining and a bevy Bulldogs on preseason award lists.

Those stories, plus, we take a quick look back at Kraziness, breakdown the individual players and our expectations for them and opine for more Rem/Dakich twitter beefs.

All this and more on the season-opening episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast! Do join in the fun, won’t you?

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