Gonzaga Completes an Undefeated Run in the WCC. Onward to Vegas!


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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Karr commercial to bring you this breaking news story: Sources in Spokane confirm Gonzaga forward Brandon Clarke was being investigated by police for a series of events which took place last weekend in the greater San Francisco area.

The 6-foot-8 junior was accused of bullying multiple people over a span of three days in Gonzaga’s two victories over Pacific and Saint Mary’s.

Witnesses described the Phoenix native as “an absolute monster,” and detailed a sequence of events which left Saint Mary’s guard Jordan Ford in tears.

For more on this breaking story, we direct you toward the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, in which our heroes detail the finishing touches on Gonzaga’s fifth undefeated WCC season.

Those stories, plus: it’s the most wonderful time of the year, don’t forget, and so we felt the need to bring on a special guest. Joining us on the pod is Slipper Still Fits writer and Gonzaga fan extraordinaire Steven Karr to help us kick off the postseason for both the Gonzaga men and women.

Is it a forgone conclusion the men will run away with things? Can the women finally beat BYU? Will Saint Mary’s have any hope of making the NCAA Tournament without a win over Gonzaga? (Hahaha…no)

And finally, we end by asking a question: Would he play? We ask whether some of our favorite players from Gonzaga history would play on this year’s team, and if so, how many minutes would they get? From whom would they take playing time away?

All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come join in this Karr ride, with us won’t you?

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