Gonzaga Drunk History (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bombed)


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There’s no getting around it: this ended up being a painful podcast to record.

Not for the content of the pod, of course -- Josh Perkins made sure the recording of the pod was going to be nothing but fun. But for the hangover. Oh, the hangover.

You see, dear FIBbers, for our latest episode, Free Ira Brown welcomed back FIB Patreon and Gonzaga super fan Lissa Tripp to share her thoughts on drinking, attending all Gonzaga home games and drinking at all Gonzaga home games (spoilers: she enjoys all three).

And in solidarity with our guest host, our heroes thought, “Surely it’s a good idea to drink along with our esteemed guest” (spoilers: it was … until it wasn’t).

And so our thoughts on the gloriousness of all things Perkins (Baby Daddy!) and Dave Rose’s rage and Emery’s ankles, while long-winded…may make sense? Possibly? Maybe?

Let’s just say you shouldn’t envy Adam having to edit this one.

We’ve got those stories, plus we’re told Baby Shaq is not a house for newborns but rather a super-young, uber-exciting Malian center. Adding him to our 2019 recruiting class seems almost mean. We also revel in the glory of being number 1 (in the polls, in the NET Ratings, in the West bracket), check in with the Gonzaga women ahead of their Senior Night and look ahead to ending any hopes Saint Mary’s has of an at-large bid.

And finally, what with last weekend’s Oscars, we share our own stories of formal occasions and the love and horror those can bring.

All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come throw one back with us, won’t you?

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