OK Everyone. Let's Try to Get Through This Together.


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The hardest things to do, dear FIBbers, after a loss like that: 1) Explain it. 2) Calm down.

It’s unclear whether we did either, but we here at Free Ira Brown at least tried. Sort of. Mostly.

In our latest episode, our heroes take a look back at the West Coast Conference Tournament and specifically at what went wrong in the final…well…pretty much everything, but then you knew that already. There are stats (lots and lots of stats), complaints (we’ve got a few), and an emphatic answer to the question: did Saint Mary’s provide a blueprint to beating Gonzaga?

Those stories, plus we look ahead to Selection Sunday. Does the loss to Saint Mary’s affect our expectations heading into the NCAA Tournament? What teams do we want to avoid, which do we want to play?

We cover it all, plus we turn our attention to a very sobering trip to Las Vegas for the Gonzaga women, who had their own loss in the WCC Tournament final, and then suffered a much more affecting loss.

And finally, we here at Free Ira Brown felt it was time to teach people some manners. We’ve seen so many breaches of public etiquette it was time we reached out to our fellow man, to make sure everyone knows what’s appropriate in the public setting. And who’s more qualified than us to do some teaching?

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come learn some manners with us, won’t you?

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