Zach Attacks!


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There will come a time when your heroes, brave and mighty, will return from an in-person meetup with their bodies and brains fully intact. There will come a time when Free Ira Brown, borne of strength and purity, returns from its annual NCAA first-weekend meetup full of voice, vigor and vivacity.

This, dear FIBbers, is not one of those times.

And yet, despite being on limited sleep and voice quality, our heroes -- showing the type of intestinal fortitude, sheer force of will and cojones to rival one young Zach Norvell, Jr. -- somehow manage to muster up the energy and raw strength to take a deep and devoted dive into Gonzaga’s fourth straight Sweet 16 appearance (!).

We celebrate the giant…basketballs owned by the aforementioned Mr. Norvell. We discuss the decided lack of quality free throw shooting (until the last 8 minutes against Ohio State, that is). We give props to Rui’s massive performance. And Chris fawns over his Baby Daddy, the good sir Josh Perkins himself.

Oh yeah, did we mention we hung out with Nigel Williams-Goss?

Those stories, plus we run through some of our favorite NCAA facts and stats, we turn a brief eye toward the news (Romar’s back!!) and we put a bow on the Gonzaga women’s season.

And finally, we finish with the Top 3 things that annoy us. No, not in general, though give us a second to write that idea down…OK, cool. We finish with the Top 3 things college fans do that annoy us. Aside from be younger than us. And be better looking. And be from Moraga.

All that and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do come and mock our voice quality, won’t you?

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