Lucinda Koza of Talks About Caregiving


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Lucinda Koza of talks about caregiving.

On today's special simulcast of Freedom From Addiction, and The Neil Haley Show, Rev. Winn Henderson MD and Neil Haley will interview Lucinda Koza of

The Boomer Generation is turning 70 at a rate of 10,000 per day, living years longer than was expected when the safety net was built -- and leaving 15% of women ages 25 - 54 to bear the responsibility of care. The financial, physical and emotional strain has knocked women out of the workforce in their prime earning years, causing a strain on the economy and decreasing the country's productivity overall. Total lack of support takes caregiver stress to caregiver burnout, often causing a depletion of their mental, financial and physical health. I, Ally has incentivized partners to provide solutions that are more easily accessible and are created with the Primary Caregiver in mind. Financial institutions, expert advocates, and pro-bono services number among the activated army of allies who refuse to stand by while an American population is in crisis. Our mission is to preserve the Primary Caregiver and to save her life.

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