Stephen Fox explains a new initiative to get aspartame off the market


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Stephen Fox, the founder of United Nations Santa Fe Mission Possible, New Mexico, tells us of a new initiative to resend aspartame's FDA approval and get it off the market for once and for all time. This began culminating in FDA approval of the supplement they knew was poison, being allowed on the US market. That compound was aspartame. It was able to be approved through political chicanery involving Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rumsfeld is now being investigated by the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity and genocide. Mr. Fox has sent a letter to the Hon. Judge James Bredar who is Maryland's chief federal judge having jurisdiction over the matter or during him to send an order to Stephen Hahn, the FDA Commissioner to rescind aspartame's approval. If you know of a death or significant medical complication from the use of aspartame, please send a letter explaining it to the Hon. James Bredar, 101 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, MD 21201. The judge's telephone number is 410-962-0950. Also, listen to Dr. Betty Martini's five programs concerning aspartame on this podcast.

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