Alexandra Franzen on Surviving career curveballs and the setbacks of self-employment


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Are you an aspiring writer on a creative path constantly facing setbacks? Are you embarking on a change in your creative career and something’s just not quite clicking? Or are you someone who feels like they’ve lost their sense of “Who am I?” “Is this the right direction for me?” This conversation with the wonderful Alexandra Franzen will help you march forward again. Alexandra is a smart, witty, successful writer – her words featured in some of the world’s biggest publications like Forbes, TIME, Newsweek, The Huffington Post and Life Hacker. Even in song lyrics and stencilled onto paintings – who helps creative people find encouragement again. She has a giant heart, and throughout her successful writing and radio career Alex has survived every type of writing related drama you can imagine. I invited Alex on to the show to share with me how despite those moments of wanting to give it all up, she finds the courage to dig deep, stay focused and carry on producing her best work.

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