Gateshead council Using Experimental 5g Transmitters is this killing us.


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Gateshead council have rolled out the experimental phase array transmitters for 5G. 31,875 masquerading as a Control management system. The experimental 868 – 870 MHz part of the spectrum has caused a collapse in the ecological system here annihilating all of the small flying insects and small birds. With larger birds numbers failing. I have attached the 5G hardware comms equipment data sheet. You will see that it’s a 100% Continuous. 11-14dBm or 12.5-25mW for 100% continuous transmission. This confirms it transmits at up to 25 x the current permitted level of 1mW 100% of the time. This is a thermal exposure level for exposure to a 200lb human. The transmitters have to be at several meters to be safe from a human however to a flying insect attracted to the light its an annihilation event. Biological harm can be caused 1000x Less than the 1mW to humans so you can only imagine the harm caused to wildlife due to their sophisticated signalling systems. Phase array radar and signalling systems including weapons have been used for many years now. Bringing this technology to a street near us all is not safe and can’t be secured from nefarious users. The Council are refusing to reply to an FOI requesting the name of their Telecoms partner.

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